Camper Van Cooking

Camper Van Cooking, Low Power MicrowavesGetting away in your camper van or a caravan for a weekend or a vacation is a fine way to enjoy the outdoors, but sometimes camper van cooking poses challenges, even for those who love to cook. If you rely on your microwave at home to cook some of your food, you may miss the convenience of having one along while you’re camping.

You don’t have to miss all the conveniences of home anymore, since you can get microwaves that work with the electricity that your camper has to take advantage of fast and easy cooking. Our company lowers the power consumption of standard microwaves to 500 watts, so that you can run the appliance without overheating your wiring or needing auxiliary hookup electricity.

Besides offering fast cooking, using a microwave while camper van cooking reduces the dirty pots and pans you have to clean, a major benefit, since sinks and kitchens in camper vans are quite small. Heating water for beverages, baking a potato or crisping up some bacon are some of the easiest foods to prepare when camping. Instead of heating up the camper van by running an oven, the microwave does the job quickly without driving you outdoors for cooler air.

Microwaves are also the easiest cooking appliance to clean, so you won’t be spending your time when you’re camping wiping up burned-on spills on your stove or oven. You can heat soup easily with a microwave in the same bowl you place on the table for serving. Some people like to use convenience food or shelf-ready food and many of the containers that prepared food comes in are made for the microwave, eliminating the need for removing it and cooking it over a stove, oven or campfire.

If you’d like more information about caravan or camper van cooking and how a microwave can reduce the amount of work it entails, click here to learn more. Our microwaves come in different shapes, colors and styles, and we also supply microwave cooking containers and cookbooks to simplify camper van cooking.

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The Microwave Service Company is based in Sellindge, Kent and provides repairs to Domestic and Commercial Microwave Ovens including 24 volt Samsung Roadmate microwaves.
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