Microwave Vegetable Steamer

Vegetable Microwave Steamer, Fish Microwave SteamerWhat is it?

A microwave vegetable steamer is a microwave safe container which has a cover that allows steaming to occur.  It takes the mystery out of steaming vegetables and allows you to handle them when they are done without  much risk of getting burned by the steam.
Why do you need one?

A microwave vegetable steamer combines two advantages of microwave cooking:

1.         It gets the job done quickly.
2.         It preserves the and nutrients inside your vegetables.

Because microwaves cook by heating the water molecules inside your food, you can preserve all the nutrients inside the vegetables you cook in the steamer.

This means that when you eat your broccoli cooked in a microwave vegetable steamer, your vegetables will contain more nutrients than when you cook your broccoli in, or even, over water on the stove.

The microwave fish steamer

A microwave fish steamer is a covered container exclusively designed for the microwave and takes the guesswork out of cooking fish.  Fish takes around 5 minutes in the microwave and since fish has a high water content,  like vegetables, it’s possible to get good results every time.   The sealed containers allow you to introduce any extra flavors in the cooking process like ginger, chili peppers, or lemon.  Besides, there’s a rumor that by using the microwave container, you can avoid some of that fishy smell.

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