Heated Microwave Teddy

Heated Teddy, Microwave Heat PackWhen you’re feeling sick or feeling blue there is nothing that can get you through the day than your favourite, old teddy bear. But that old teddy bear you’ve had since birth is looking a little worse for wear. With all the years of travelling that old chum is feeling his age, and with all the germs accumulated throughout the years, maybe that old teddy bear isn’t something you should be all that close with anymore.

However, what if there were a teddy bear that you could have that not only made you feel better but was warm and comfortable and good for you?

The heated teddy is one such bear and they come in all manner of styles and demeanour. This special teddy is around 12 inches long and has a height of approximately 8 inches when seated on your bed or elsewhere.

The thing about these style of teddy bears is that not only are they adorable but you can also throw them in the microwave and they warm right up. 30 seconds in an 800 watt microwave is all it takes for your teddy to be warmed up and feeling great.

Another great thing about this little guy is that it’s filled with treated wheat grains and lavender. This means that the heated teddy has a fragrance on  his insides which makes sick individuals of any age feel comforted and relaxed inside.

The heated teddy is also very easy to clean and requires only a damp cloth. Because of his tender insides the heated teddy can’t be hand washed in water or machine washed. If your teddy’s lavender scent has diminished it only takes a few drops of lavender oil and your teddy will be smelling great again.

So rather than hanging on to that old ratty teddy bear you’ve had for all those years, when you’re sick or feeling badly, grab your heated teddy and throw him into the microwave for just a couple of seconds. You will be taking in his lavender scented warmth and feeling fine in no time. Click here to get yours now!

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