Microwave Cookbook

Long gone is the day when you needed a stove-top and an oven to cook your meals. While the first incarnations of microwave dinners may have been considered unhealthy, not only are there many great microwave dining options for families of all sizes, but you can quite literally use the microwave cookbook and cook all your meals out of your microwave.

Fish: One great option for microwave cookbook style meals is to consider buying frozen fish. Frozen fish are healthy, have low calories, and offer a great alternative from the hamburger and steak crowd. Pair your frozen fish with some canned veggies and mashed potatoes from a box (both of which can be microwaved) and you’re ready to roll.

Chicken Nuggets: If fish isn’t your thing consider throwing some chicken nuggets into the microwave. Not only are you able to enjoy the great taste of chicken nuggets but you can also enjoy some frozen French fries in the microwave in a  pinch and you’re ready to dine.

Hot Dogs: No microwave cookbook would be complete without adding in the microwave favorite hot dogs. Hot dogs are great when you’re looking for lunch on the go and should always be at the ready in your kitchen.

Canned Dining: Some of the canned dining options are a great spot especially for the kids in your family. Many of your favorites from your youth are still available and quite affordable; adding a great option to your microwave cookbook.

Bread: Did you know you could make bread in the microwave? Rather than buying the packaged variety and not being able to control the final output, bread in the microwave tastes great and is great for sandwiches, soups, or whatever else you’d like to enjoy it with.

Soup: Of course canned soup is one of the microwave’s best friends. Who doesn’t have years of canned soup remnants from soup explosions lined to the insides of their microwave oven? – (Check out our microwave cleaning products if you have!) Remember to stir your microwave soup midway through the cycle or you could be stuck with a top that’s too hot and a body of soup that just doesn’t cut it.

Of course there are tons of foods which can make your microwave oven the cooking center for the home. But whatever your decision is your microwave meals will be made with love.


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