Meet Sam, The Microwave Hippo Heat Pack

Hippo microwave heat pack, Wheat packs, Microwave heat packsIt can be a scary experience when a child becomes sick. Even the slightest of colds can bring stress and worry. While the best course of action is to consult a physician, if it’s not too serious , there are some home remedies that can help soothe the child’s discomfort. One of these solutions is Sam the Purple Hippo.

Who is Sam?

Sam is a cuddly, eight inch stuffed Hippo. An ideal present for boys and girls 36 months old and older, he is the perfect gift to give to prepare for those runny nose days.

Cute, soft and comforting, Sam isn’t just full of love; he is stuffed with lavender and treated wheat grains.

How is Sam the Hippo going to help my Sick Child?

Lavender is typically utilized in herbal and aromatherapy treatments. Lavender has several uses including soothing insect bites, burns and headaches. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and aide sleep.

In scientific studies, it has shown that lavender has anxiolytic effects and influences sleep qualities. To put it simply, lavender eases anxiety, calms a person down and helps them fall asleep.

How to use Sam the Hippo

Sam isn’t your standard stuffed animal. To activate his healing properties all you need to do is place him in any standard household microwave and heat him up.

Once heated, the lavender and treated wheat grains will be activated and the healing properties will immediately begin to relieve your ailing child’s aches and pains.

After a few minutes, your child will be calm, relaxed and — in all likelihood – will be asleep!

Heating Instructions

Place Sam into an 800-watt microwave and heat on high power for 30 seconds.

Allow to sit for a few moments.

Cleaning Instructions

Sam can be cleaned with a damp cloth. He cannot be machine-washed or hand washed. His lavender scent can be refreshed by gently rubbing in a few drops of lavender oil.

Sam the Hippo is a great way to soothe your ailing son or daughter. Available for an affordable price, your child will not only feel better but will also have a new friend to play with.

Even when healthy, Sam is the perfect sleep companion. Your child will always rest easy with Sam by their side.

To learn more about Sam, please click here.

Hippo microwave heat pack, Wheat packs, Microwave heat packs


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