Cleaning Your Microwave Tips

Microwave cleaner, Cleaning microwave, Microwave oven cleanerWhile something like “cleaning your microwave tips” may sound silly to those who keep up after their things, others of us have to get to it when we get to it. Nowhere is the dirty microwave more common than in a busy house!

Big families can also get a microwave in a rather short order. So the question is, what are some “cleaning your microwave tips” that can keep your microwave fresh and looking its best?

REMOVE: Of course the only real way to clean anything is to take out everything you can. The glass plate that food rotates on (if you have one) the encasing around the whole insides, and anything else that could be hampering your cleaning of your microwave.

NOTE: Make sure you unplug the microwave before you do anything!

SCRUB: Now you’ve got to get out every last little bit of food. It’s not usually the food that gives you the hardest time; it’s usually the ‘splatter.’ I’m sure you’re familiar with what I mean; the miscellaneous hardened-on waste that’s so difficult to move it more often than not leaves you banging your head on the microwave door!

The splatter is likely on the platform or the casing. If you can get these pieces off and get them under running hot water or let them soak in suds and water this splatter will be much easier to clean off.

DOOR: Any parts you can’t take out; the door, the insides, the bottom, the exterior sides; you’ll want to give a quick cleansing to as well.

DRY: Then of course you need to let everything dry fully and you need to reassemble the microwave as carefully as possible. All the pieces have got to fit in all the right spots and your microwave needs to be solidly back together before you plug it back in.

One thing you can do to get your microwave clean all the time is just be careful about how you microwave things. If you NUKE everything (hi settings) and splatter gets all over the place, maybe you need to lower your settings and cover your food with a cloth or cling-film?

Cleaning your microwave tips are all about using the right products (like this great Stainless Steel Cleaner), and doing it thoroughly.

Microwave cleaner, Cleaning microwave, Microwave oven cleaner


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