Three Of The Best Microwave Cookbooks

Microwave Cookbooks, Microwave Cookbook, Microwave RecipesOne of the biggest misconceptions in popular cooking circles today is that the microwave is somehow a sub-par cooking method compared to grilling, boiling, steaming and frying etc. In all my years as a “Stay at home chef” and experimenting with every cooking method under the sun, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is utter nonsense! With the right care and knowledge at hand you can easily create the same high quality meals as any top of the line restaurant in half the time and a fraction of the price.

Below I have listed 3 of my favorite microwave cooking recipe books suitable for the budding college culinary student or the experienced chef.

Microwave Recipes for one

This cookbook is specifically designed for people who live alone or are cooking on a tight budget. Great for college students, bachelors, weightlifters or for anyone that has to prepare special meals for a specific diet, such as a diabetic or gluten free diet.

Microwave cooking explained

This microwave cookbook is a bit more advanced and also has background information on exactly how a microwave cooks your food, the best cookware you should be using and the best microwaves on the market. Of course the best part is the over 120 recipes included inside, with instructions on how to make such dishes as:

·        Curries

·        Ratatouille

·        Deluxe Desserts

·        Unique and Traditional Sauces

·        Home Made Soups

The combination microwave cook

As any seasoned chef knows, you have to combine a variety of cooking methods in the same meal to get the best results and highest quality food possible. With the combination microwave cookbook you will be taking your culinary adventures to the next level combining the best of both worlds in an easy to use and simple to read manual. With over 100 recipes the combination microwave cookbook covers:

·        Meat

·        Fish

·        Snacks

·        Pasta

·        Vegetarian

·        Baking

·        Pastries

·        And More!

Of course that’s just the beginning, but with any of these microwave cookbooks you will be well on your way to getting the most out of your microwave and creating dine in quality meals in your home in no time.

You can get all of these books as well as many more here.

Happy Cooking!

Microwave Cookbooks, Microwave Cookbook, Microwave Recipes


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