Don’t Get Burnt! Silicon Microwave Gloves

Microwave Oven Gloves, Silicon Oven GlovesHow often have you received a meal in a restaurant, only to scald your fingertips on a piping-hot piece of porcelain? A warning – “Careful, it’s hot!” can only do so much, and you can only hold your arms so high above your plate before you eventually lose circulation. At home, the problem is doubled, when you become the waiter as well as the diner. Picking-up a searing plate is a dangerous game, and unless you want to eat your meals standing at the kitchen counter, you have to come up with a strategy.

These clever silicone grips can help you negotiate these woes, and get your dinner to the table without the threat of burned fingertips. Their unique, compact size allows for more control than the average oven mitt, and the non-slip surface gives you a better grip than a fabric potholder.

Any food that comes from the microwave will be easier to handle with these finger mitts – baked potatoes, soup bowls, and other round objects can be transported with ease, and no casserole dish will be left to balance precariously between clumsy mitted hands.

Clean these kitchen helpers with soap and water, and be sure not to leave them in the oven.

Have a look at our Cool Fingers Silicone Grips here.

Microwave Oven Gloves, Silicon Oven Gloves


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