Say Hello To Tubbs, The Microwave Heat Pack Hippo

Hippo microwave heat pack, Wheat packs, Microwave heat packsLittle kids love to play around. Especially the boys. They laugh loud, run wild and even play rough. It’s simply unavoidable that they get bruises and scratches from time to time. That’s just part of life. There are things that you can do to help them avoid that but when the bruises and scratches becomes unavoidable, you feel obliged to take care of it and comfort the little one.

When a little child first encounters a bruise, the most common reaction would be to cry because of the pain. No parent or loving guardian would allow their young one to prolong the suffering. Whatever you can do, instinctively, you would do for the kid. As a first aid kit, to avoid the swelling of injuries, a microwave heatpack is applied to prevent it from further progression.

Since kids would always remember good memories, it would be better if certain first aid kits would look fun and worth remembering. This is where Tubbs can come in. Tubbs is a grey microwave heatpack hippo that’s filled with treated wheat grass and lavender. He’s soft, cuddly and cute which makes him an ideal friend that can help in reducing the swelling of an injury.

Kids won’t learn to run if they first don’t walk. They won’t learn to walk if they don’t fall down first. It’s all a part of life. Childhood memories are remembered by children as they grow up and having Tubbs as the cute hippo friend who will always be there when injuries come can be a wonderful memory for a little boy or girl to grow up with.

For more information about Tubbs the microwave heat pack, please click here.

Hippo microwave heat pack, Wheat packs, Microwave heat packs

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