Camper Van Cooking With The Camper Pack

Camper van cooking, Camper packMake the most out of your camper van’s kitchen area with a purpose-built, portable microwave. Contrary to conventional thinking, microwaves built for home use are poor choices for camper van cooking. The wattage requirements, ruggedness and size requirements are not conducive for recreational vehicle needs.  Smaller, purpose-built microwaves are the way to go.

Portable microwaves help campers significantly cut cooking time and help make meals that much more enjoyable.

These microwaves have been specially designed for camper van cooking and despite their compact dimensions, they are rather commodious. Purchase some microwave-safe containers to aid cooking and storage of your food items. Pre-packing small, microwave-safe containers with frozen meals is a great way to maximize the use of your camper van’s space.

If you are looking for some interesting microwave meal ideas, consider freezing biscuits with scrambled eggs and gravy. Adding some spices in the gravy will keep the flavor interesting, especially if you like paprika. Placing this frozen breakfast in a microwave-safe container for later cooking makes for a quick, delicious addition to your camper van cooking experience.

Another interesting idea is to freeze hot-dogs in a microwave-safe container with the water they will be boiled in. Freeze the hot-dog buns in a microwave safe bag and baked beans in a microwave-safe container. Simply microwave the container of hot-dogs, beans and the buns (separately) for a quick meal. Hotdogs on a warm bun and tasty beans are a staple of camping and are easy tasks for camper van cooking.

Why not bring a little bit of home cooking ease with on your next excursion? Microwave cooking is a smart bet for caper van enthusiasts. For more information about improving your camper van’s kitchen with a proper camper van cooking camper pack, click here, and happy cooking!

Camper van cooking, Camper pack


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