What Makes The Magimix Toaster Special?

Magimix toaster, Magimix toaster reviewMagimix has been designing commercial grade kitchen appliances for more than 30 years, so there is a very good reason why they are still going strong.  Even though they were the first to create the food processor; their stylish line of 2 and 4-slice bread toasters are amongst the best on the market. The Magimix line of toasters are not only top notch, they are also:

  • Powerful and capable of 1150 to 1450 watts
  • Built to withstand as many as 30,000 uses
  • 3 year warranty with a Gold Seal Home Collection
  • Guaranteed with a generous return policy

Magimix produces some of the best commercial grade stainless steel toasters with bun warmers to keep your bread fresh and hot. They also make an innovative line of toasters called the Vision. This model is unique, because its construction allows you to view the toasting process in action. Magimix’s Vision series comes in an array of colors like black, cream, red, and ivory; so there actually is a quality made toaster that can also match the decor of your home.

Magimix is a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, a San Francisco based consumer retail corporation that distributes some of the most popular brands in homeware. With the Williams-Sonoma name behind Magimix, you can best believe this product is a good as it gets! Check out Magimix’s amazing line of toasters online here. The options that separate this line of bread toasters from its competition include:

  • Four quartz heating elements that toast, bagel, reheat or defrost you bread
  • Tough outer casing made of stainless steel and insulated glass for the vision series of toasters
  • Extra-large slots to handle the thickest breads such as bagels
  • Variable browning settings for light and dark capabilities

Magimix designs the best toasters on the retail market, so no one if sure how their innovative line of bread toasters can get better. As for what is next for the world’s most durable toasters, is anyone’s guess! Regardless what type of toaster Magimix invents in the future, you can rest assure that their newest line of bread toasters will also be unmatched! Until then, see the magic that Magimix conjures here.

Magimix toaster, Magimix toaster review


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