The Microwave Cookery Set – All You Need To Start Out

Microwave cookery, Microwave cookware, Microwavable cookwareCooking in the microwave doesn’t have to be a guessing game of which bowl is microwaveable or which utensil can be used. What you need for all your microwave cooking is a microwave cookery set, which can be purchased at Kitchenware Online for a great price.

Included in your microwave cookery set are:

  • A large saucepan that includes two easy to use spouts and a lid
  • A smaller pot that is vented, perfect for steaming vegetables in the microwave. This pot also has a closed lid so you have the option of using the fitted or vented lid when you’re cooking.
  • A stirring spoon which is microwave safe and can be used during the cooking process to stir your food so it cooks evenly in the microwave.

What’s even better about this convenient microwave cookware set is the fact that these dishes are also freezer safe. If you have food left over you want to preserve, simply pop the dish in the freezer and heat it up when you’re ready.

One of the best things about microwave cookware is the simple cleanup. Nobody has time to scrub pots and pans by hand these days. Simply throw the microwave cookery set into your dishwasher with your other dishes and clean them safely and effectively. You don’t have to worry about the cookery getting ruined.

Prepare for your friends and family to be dazzled by your microwave cookware set, so you may want to order an extra set or two to give as gifts!

If you own a microwave and love the convenience of cooking with it, head over to Kitchenware Online to see how you can make the most of your microwave cooking experience.

Microwave cookery, Microwave cookware, Microwavable cookware


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