2 Quick & Easy Microwave Rice Recipes

microwave recipes, Rice recipes, Microwave rice recipesIt’s the end of the day and you’re really tired. The last thing you want to do is stand in the kitchen making dinner for yourself and your family. Fortunately, you can take advantage of different time-saving cooking ideas, such as microwave rice recipes. Add the rice to a main dish.

Microwave Rice Side Dish

2 cups brown rice
3 1/2 cups chicken stock
1 1/2 tsp olive oil
Salt and black pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions:

Add all ingredients to a large microwave safe dish. (The rice will expand as it cooks, making a large container a necessity.) Do not cover the bowl. Microwave on high for 10 minutes. Change the microwave power setting to medium-low and continue cooking the rice, uncovered, for another 15 minutes. As the rice cooks, do not stir it. Just before serving, fluff the rice with a fork and season with salt and pepper to taste. This is one of several microwave rice recipes that makes a substantial side dish.

Easy White Rice

2 cups white long grain rice
3 1/2 cups water

Cooking Instructions:

The second of these microwave rice recipes makes a side dish suitable for Oriental or Indian foods. Wash the rice in running water, then pour it into a microwave safe bowl. Add the water to the bowl and, leaving the bowl uncovered, place the bowl into the microwave.

Cook the rice in the microwave for 20 minutes. Remove the bowl carefully (it may be hot, so use pot holders as you take the bowl out.) Using a fork, fluff the rice. Set it aside to cool for five minutes.

microwave recipes, Rice recipes, Microwave rice recipes

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