Is plastic microwave cookware safe ?

There is a lot of converstion going about the web regarding the safety of using plastic cookware in your microwave, in particular the possible danger of toxins from the plastic cookware being released by microwave energy and being absorbed into the food inside. We sell a wide range of plastic cookware for microwave use. All of the plastic cookware we sell is specifically designed for use in a microwave and therefore by its very design is safe to use. The problem seem to be in that there are many types of plastic available and they often behave differently. Common containers we have seen used are ice cream tubs and margarine or butter containers. The opaque container maybe the ideal size for storing and re heating baked beans and sauces. It remains rigid enough when warm  but actually was never designed to be heated. No doubt designed to withstand low temperatures in the fridge or freezer but not necessarily high temperatures within a microwave oven. We dont know for sure that these emit toxins but the fact that they werent designed (and therefore were probably not tested) at high temperatures suggests that if there is a problem it would be with these types of container that are not specifically designed for microwave use. Our advice would be that if you are concerned at all then only use cookware that has been designed for microwave use.
These will be sold for microwave use and there will be some markings either on the cookware or the packaging at least that the cookware was supplied in.

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All of our cookware is from reputable suppliers and if advertised as such is suitable for microwave use.

Take a look at the microwave cookware we currently have available.


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