2 Quick Microwave Recipes Perfect For The Camper!

microwave recipes, camping recipes, camper recipesThere are many wonderful microwave camper  recipes to make. These two are when you have the advantage of camping in a camper. That is the best of both worlds. You have the rugged wilderness out your front door but you can come in to relax in air conditioning and eat a nice meal. Here are two suggestions that are tasty and comforting when roughing it.

Baked Cinnamon Apple Crumble
six apples, peeled and cored
Cut apples into fairly thin slices
Cinnamon ( 1 teaspoon)
Butter ( 1 stick)( Olive oil can be substituted if fat is a concern)
oatmeal ( Instant kind – cooks in one minute)
brown sugar ( light)
cooking spray or oil for pan

Wash and peel and core the apples. Then slice them into one half inch thick slices. In glass pan spray with cooking spray to limit sticking. Line pan with apple slices. Dot with butter and microwave for about 3 minutes. Mix together oatmeal about one and a half cups and brown sugar one cup packed. Add softened butter about one half stick and one full teaspoon cinnamon. Mix well. Remove pan from microwave and sprinkle this mixture on top. Microwave for five minutes checking periodically rotating it if your oven does not have a turntable. Remove from oven let set one minute before serving. Good with ice cream.

Omelettes in a Bag


Large plastic  freezer bags
two eggs per person
chopped green onions
salt and pepper
ham- chopped
green or black olives – chopped
pimentos – chopped
shredded cheddar cheese

Put two eggs in and a tablespoon of oil and one of water. Mix well. Then add whatever toppings you wish, finishing it off with salt and pepper. Close and seal the bag and mix it by kneading it well. Place bowl of water in the microwave and get the water boiling. Take turns dropping in your omelet bag for three minutes. Set the timer for one minute then check on them and then for two more minutes. Remove from microwave and set for a minute and then serve a perfect omelet. Depending on the oven strength you may need to unseal a corner to let air escape after one minute. This will give the egg time to set so that it does not leak out into the water.

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