How To Sterilize Your Baby’s Bottles In The Microwave

sterilize baby bottle microwave, sterilize baby bottle, baby bottle microwave, microwave sterilizerKeep your baby safe from harmful bacteria and germs by learning how to sterilise baby bottles in microwave. Using the microwave is one of the most convenient and quickest ways to sterilise baby bottles. However, it is important to do so properly.

Before putting your baby’s bottles in the microwave, take the time to thoroughly clean the inside of your microwave with hot soapy water. Then wash your hands before you prepare the baby bottles to be sterilised.

Next, cleanse each baby bottle in mild dishwashing detergent using warm water. If you are using a microwave bottle steriliser, make sure it is one that is designed specifically for baby bottles. Then place the baby bottles in it, add the correct amount of water, and microwave according to the manufacturer’s specifications, which is usually for 90 seconds depending on the power of your microwave.

If you do not have a microwave baby bottle steriliser, you can still use your microwave to sterilise your baby’s bottles. Again, make sure you wash the bottles first. Then fill each baby bottle half-way with water and stand it upright inside the microwave. Do not put the nipples or caps on the bottles. Instead, place them in a microwave safe bowl filled with enough water to cover them and place it inside the microwave. Push the start button and microwave for 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

Regardless of the method you use to sterilise baby bottles in microwave, make sure you wait at least 5 minutes before removing the baby bottles and nipples from the microwave so that they’ve had a chance to cool off. Finally, remove and dry them with a clean paper towel.

Continue to sterilise baby bottles in your microwave until your baby is at least 12 months old.

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