How To Make Filter Coffee In Your Camper Van With The Collapsible Silicon Coffee Dripper

Coffee dripper, silicon coffee dripper, silicon microwave cookware, campervan coffeeFor those of you who require a cup of java to rev your engines at the start of early morning holiday rambles, here’s a space-saving, travel-friendly drip coffee system that’s easy to use and easy to clean – the collapsible silicone coffee dripper.  This nifty ultra-portable coffee dripper works the same as any simple drip-brewing system, but is specifically designed to save both space and cleaning time, and, by the way, it makes a great cup of coffee.

Using the collapsible dripper is dead simple; just pour hot water over coffee grounds placed in the expanded basket and let the resulting brew drip into any suitable container, or even directly into your favorite travel mug.  Here’s the step-by-step breakdown of the simple coffee-making process:

1) Set your kettle to boil.  Expand the silicone dripper to its full height, and place it over a container to catch the coffee as it drips.

2) Place a cone-style filter into the dripper basket, and pour the desired amount of your favorite coffee grounds into the filter.

3) Once your water boils, pour it over the coffee grounds.

4) Wait for the coffee to drip completely, remove the coffee dripper from atop the container, and enjoy!

5) Clean your silicone dripper by simply removing the filter of grounds and hand washing; or, if you have a fancy caravan with a dishwasher, feel free to machine wash your silicone dripper (it’s safe to 230 degrees Celsius).  Let it air dry or wipe it with a clean cloth before collapsing it to its storage shape.

There you have it – a simple, clean way to make a fresh cup of coffee while traveling.  There is no need to make room for a large coffee-making appliance or for all of those percolator parts; the collapsible drip coffee maker flattens to fit anywhere in your camper van.  If you’re a java snob, you’ll appreciate the clean taste this coffee dripper imparts, leaving none of the bitter sludge at the bottom of your cup that results from a coffee press or a percolator.  If you can boil water, you can make a refreshing cup of rich, flavorful coffee using the collapsible silicone coffee dripper.

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