The History & Inventor Of The Microwave Oven

We all use microwave ovens for warming up quick meals and popping up popcorn, but do you ever wonder who invented microwave ovens while you are using it? Some of the history of microwave ovens is interesting and in this short article, you will soon know why.

Inventor of Microwave Ovens

History of microwave, Inventor of microwave, The History of the microwave ovenPercy LeBaron Spencer, from a company known as “Raytheon”, invented the microwave oven after he had learned about how radar waves had melted his Mr. Goodbar candy right in his pocket by accident as he was experimenting with radar technology that was used during World War 2.

Eventually, Percy and Raytheon figured out how to use radiation to heat polarized molecules in foods so foods could be cooked quickly and safely without damaging the flavors and textures of them.

History Facts of Microwave Ovens

  • The first food to be tested in the microwave oven was popcorn.
  • The first microwave oven was created and sold in 1947 and was named “Radarange”
  • By 1967, a newer model of the microwave oven was invented by Raytheon and was introduced to Amana Corporation to be sold.
  • In 1955 patents of the original microwave oven were sold to a company named “Tappan.” However, when this company went to make this microwave they didn’t design in properly. The company figured this out when they went to sell their own version of the microwave oven and people didn’t like them because the ovens were too big for their kitchens.

Uses of Microwave Ovens Today 

Today, microwave ovens are sold and used all over the world for cooking and reheating foods quickly and safely.

You see, accidents happen for a reason and without that Mr. Goodbar being melted in Percy’s pocket while he was working with radar waves,  microwave ovens wouldn’t have even been created.

So, next time you go to use the microwave oven, think about the history of microwave ovens and be thankful to Percy for figuring out how to make your meals quickly when you have no time to make foods on the stove.

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    Good post on Microwave. Thanks for sharing this this information

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