Low power caravan microwave ovens – some quick information

I have been asked ‘why should I use one of your low power microwave ovens instead of a cheap and cheerful supermarket version and just keep the power level turned down?’ I have just written this reply so thought I might post it here as well for now. I hope to expand on the benefits of our low power caravan microwave ovens very soon.

Thank you for your enquiry. If your power supply is able to run that supermarket appliance fine. Usual applications for these ovens are where a reduced power is available. Either on a caravan site electric hookup or where an inverter is being used to create mains power from another source such as batteries. There are 2 possible issues with these small ovens. The first is that irrespective of the power level selected a microwave will always run a its highest power. The way microwave power is regulated is by timing. If you select 50% power, the oven doesn’t produce half power, what it in fact does is produce full power for half of the time (which is why you can often hear the oven cutting in and out when on any power less than high)  To this end if you have a microwave drawing 1200 watts from the supply, reducing the power will result in the same current drain but for half of the cook time selected.

The second factor is that most appliances to a degree ‘surge’ or draw excessive power as they start up. Microwave ovens may usually draw 8 – 10 amps when they start which is fine at home where the mains supply is 13 amps but on the caravan site where the supply may be limited to 6 amps, this start up surge would trip the supply. These ovens that we use incorporate an anti surge or ‘slow start’ circuit which builds up the power slowly (not noticeably) so that there is no surge on startup.



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