Can we change the door so that it opens the other way ?

We have been asked on many occasions whether we could change the way that the microwave door opens, usually with a change of design in the kitchen the microwave would need to go in a different place. The door on a fridge or freezer is usually quite easily changed but on a microwave it is not at all possible. The door interlocks which form the main microwave safety are designed to carry out several operations at specific moments during the opening or closing of the door. You will see that on most microwaves there are two ‘hooks’ fitted to the door which go into 2 corresponding slots in the oven body. They do several things including tell the control circuit that the door is correctly closed and prevent the oven operating if it not safe to do so. Because of this a lot of faults that come into our workshop are to do with the door and its latching mechanism.

It is therefore, not possible to change the way the door opens. Some manufacturers do sell ovens that have a drop doown door. The Panasonic NN-CF778 is one example. Interestingly (maybe) I have never seen a microwave where the door had been designed with its hinges on the right. All side opeing doors open the same way.

Some commercial ovens have been designed where the door lifts upwards. These are very heavy duty for use in commercial enviroments. Merrychef ovens are very popular and are designed that the door ‘pops up’ at the end of the cook cycle to indicate to the the chef that it is ready.


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