Samsung Roadmate 24 Volt microwave oven repairs

We are now able to carry out repairs to Samsung Roadmate microwave ovens.

These ovens are still very expensive to buy new and we have found that we are able to offer an effective and cheaper option than just replacing the oven. Most problems with these ovens tend to be on the Inverter circuit boards inside the oven. Although these are not available from Samsung we can either repair them in our workshop or send the circuit board away to a specialist who can repair it for us. The oven is then fully tested using a 24 volt power supply in our workshop before being returned.

Will the estimate cost me anything?

If you can bring your Samsung Roadmate (24 volt) microwave(or have it delivered)  oven to us, we can provide a free repair estimate for you.

How long does it take to provide an estimate?

We can usually provide the estimate within 3-4 working days. We have a fully equipped workshop, with a 24 volt power supply for testing the microwave oven before and after repair.

How can I get my microwave to you?

The easiest way if you are not local to us is to have it sent by courier to us. We will need your contact details, and the address it is to be returned to. We have a PDF form you can print out and fill in for us.

What about 12 volt Roadmates?

At present we don’t have a suitable power supply for testing the 12 volt version, so we are unable to repair them.

Warranty and testing.

All repairs come with a three month warranty on labour and the parts fitted during the repair.

All microwave ovens are fully tested for correct operation, and microwave leakage after being repaired.

Payment for repairs

We can accept payment by most types of credit or debit card over the telephone, or you can send us a cheque made payable to MSC Ltd.

When paying by cheque the oven will not be returned to you until we have received the cheque.

Spares and accessories.

We are able to order our spares and accessories directly from Samsung, so we can carry out repairs quickly and efficiently with genuine Samsung spares.

If you need any accessories such as a glass tray, or microwave cookware we can supply these as well. Click here to take a look at our website to view our full range of products click here


About microwaveexpert

The Microwave Service Company is based in Sellindge, Kent and provides repairs to Domestic and Commercial Microwave Ovens including 24 volt Samsung Roadmate microwaves.
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2 Responses to Samsung Roadmate 24 Volt microwave oven repairs

  1. Sulley Dramani says:

    HI, i leave in Amsterdam having a problem with my Roadmate, it stops warming up (food) after a minute,then the display shows an error.Can you please tell me what the core problem is,who can help me repair, or sell parts to me for repairs?

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