Are microwaves dangerous ?

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Are microwaves dangerous?

No microwaves are not dangerous unless you were to be exposed to a very high level for a long period of time. Your microwave oven can’t “cook your insides” if you stand in front of it. They are just as safe as any other method of cooking, as long as you are careful to cook the food properly, and not to spill hot liquids.

No risk to your health.

There are no proven cases where using a microwave oven has resulted in any of the following:

1) Sterility, impotence or similar problems.

2) Harmed an unborn child or foetus.

3) Caused an illness.

4) Affected a pacemaker.

5) Caused headaches or nausea.

6) Ruined the taste or nutritional value of food.

Microwave myths.

As well as this the following myths are not true:

1) Microwaves are “radioactive”

2) A microwave can work with the door even partly open.

3) Microwave ovens leak microwaves as they get older.

4) Steam coming out from the door means it’s leaking.

5) Warm air coming out of the microwave is harmful, contains microwaves or is “radioactive”.

6) You must have them serviced once a year.

7) There are still microwaves inside after it’s stopped cooking.


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