I can see through the door, how is it these microwaves can’t get out?


You can see through the door because the holes in the metal mesh are small enough for the light“waves” to pass through, but the microwaves are too big to fit through the holes (I know this sounds odd because we are talking about something we can’t see!).

Just imagine that you have got a wire mesh, with holes about the size of a pea in it, along comes some light (imagine it as a marble) that’s 1/10th the size of the hole–it will drop through a hole in the mesh, now along comes the microwave which is a bigger glass marble, about the size of a 2 pence coin, it’s far too big so it just bounces off the mesh, it can’t get through.

This is just what happens with light and microwaves in the microwave. To the microwaves the mesh looks just like a solid metal screen; and they bounce off just like radar waves bouncing off of a ship or aeroplane, but to the light the screen is not very substantial and the light just streams through.


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2 Responses to I can see through the door, how is it these microwaves can’t get out?

  1. Aaron Nelson says:

    This doesn’t answer the question in my opinion. The wavelength is the length of the wave; not the height or width of the wave. The way it seems to me is that where visible light is like a marble with a diameter 1/100th of the hole, microwaves would just be like a dowel with a diameter 1/100th of the hole but 1 meter long. It would still fit through the hole just fine. Now, if light color was determined by say, amplitude, then your analogy would make sense. Since microwaves are like visible light stretched out in the direction of travel, your analogy doesn’t make sense because in your analogy, the stretch is taking place in a direction perpendicular to the direction of travel.

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