Information about our microwave touch up paint

I was asked by a customer about our touch up paint. As it was quite valid I thought I would post the question and my answer for all to see.

“hi its about your heat resistant scratch repair microwave paint. mow i appreciate many microwaves have a painted lining amongst other linings on the inside of the microwave. they must. wed a dye of radiation otherwise. but is this an approved product. im asuming its radiation resistant too as the microwaves are supposed to be contained within the microwave. if so can you tell me please. who approved it and what its limitations are. thankyou”

Thank you for your enquiry.

The ‘radiation’ is non ionising so is very similar to radio or mobile phone signals. The chassis of the oven is made of metal. This stops ‘microwaves’ leaking to atmosphere. The painted finish is to protect the finish and to make it look good. The paint is invisible to microwaves. In effect they pass through the paint but bounce back from the metal. Our touch up paints are – when dry – also invisible to microwaves. Microwaves generally are absorbed by moisture which is why moist or wet foods and liquids work well in a microwave oven. If the inside of the oven was painted and then the oven used before the paint had dried it would most definitely spoil and get ruined. We include some instructions with our touch up kit that states that the paint must be allowed to dry thoroughly before use to prevent this happening. As long as these guidelines are followed the repair will be quite effective.

Touch up paints available from

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3 Responses to Information about our microwave touch up paint

  1. Lani says:

    Where can we buy the touch up paint? and How much it is. thanks

  2. Kathy Gray says:

    I would like to know as well

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