Drivemate 24 volt microwave ovens and Power supply for trucks and HGVs now launched.

After nearly 2 years of work our new Drivemate 24 volt microwave oven is now in production.

drivemate 24 volt microwave oven

drivemate 24 volt microwave oven

24 volt inverter

drivemate power supply. 24 volt inverter capable of powering up to 1500 watts, 240 volts. for use in trucks, HGVs

The picture shows the pre production prototype. Production models will have colour labels fitted to the front. It is a microwave oven and grill combination oven with its own built in power supply and control unit. The fused connections to the rear allow it to be wired directly to the vehicle batteries. LEDs on the front report the vehicle battery voltage and the control unit prevents operation with batteries that don’t have enough power to start the vehicle. There is an additional plugtop socket on the rear that can be used to run other small mains (240 volt AC) appliances instead of the microwave and there are 2 USB charging sockets on the front of the unit that can be used for charging phones, laptops or tablets.

This will be sold as a complete oven ready to go. We will also sell the Power supply as a separate item that can be fitted in a different cupboard where the dimensions wont allow the whole drivemate to fit.

Drivemate logo

Drivemate 24 volt products

The technical specifications are:

Rated input voltage – 24 Volts DC – maximum 50 Amps.

Rated input power (Microwave) – 1270 Watts.

Rated output power (Microwave) – 800 Watts.

Rated input/output (Grill) – 1000 Watts.

Rated output power (USB x 2) – 500 Milliamps.

Oven capacity – 20 Litres.

Turntable diameter – 255 mm.

Net weight – 16 KG.

External dimensions – 530 mm wide x 250 mm high x 370 mm deep.

Supply power cable required  – 4 AWG. 50 Amp Anderson connector and 2M lead supplied with both oven and power supply version.

We have started manufacture and will be shipping by the end of November. They are listed on our website for pre order.

Click here to view and order 24 volt products

drivemate-24-volt-inverter-view1 drivemate-24-volt-inverter-view3


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The Microwave Service Company is based in Sellindge, Kent and provides repairs to Domestic and Commercial Microwave Ovens including 24 volt Samsung Roadmate microwaves.
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