Paint peeling off inside the microwave ?

The interiors of microwave ovens do tend to rust over a long period of time. This can be due to a number of reasons, the main cause is the generally thin coating of paint is damaged by the continuous rotation of the roller ring, antagonised by spillages or condensation and the warmth of the oven create perfect conditions for rust.  Rust is difficult to completely cure but certainly using our touch up kit and a little tender loving care can reverse the unsightly looks.

paint lifting from cavity

Please read through these instructions and follow them carefully. Perfect results are not guaranteed but if you follow them carefully you will reduce the poor finish caused by rust and wear.

Our microwave oven cavity paint touch up kit is available in different colours from our online shop – available online at

microwave paint

Microwave oven touch up paint kit

Allow a period of time when you are not going to need the microwave, the paint needs at least 6 hours to dry before the microwave can be used otherwise the paint itself will heat up and spoil.

Ideally unplug the microwave oven to prevent any accidents or risk of electrocution.

Remove the glass tray and roller ring.

Place some old newspaper in front of the microwave in case the paint drips.

Rub down the affected area firstly with some coarser glass paper sheet and then some smoother grade (supplied in the touch up kit), to remove any loose flakes of paint and as much rust as possible. The smoother the prepared area, the neater it will look when finished.

Wipe over the area and wipe out the oven cavity with a dry cloth to remove all dust, debris and moisture.

Shake the tin of paint vigorously for at least 30 seconds and then open it with a small screwdriver or knife and stir thoroughly with one of the stirrer sticks.

Using a paintbrush, carefully paint over the affected area. The paint does dry quite quickly. A better finish is achieved with several thin coatings of paint rather than applying a large amount of paint in one application. This also reduces the risk of unsightly blobs of paint.

Once complete, leave the microwave oven unplugged with the door open for 6 hours at least to allow the best opportunity for the paint to dry.

If the paint tin lid is pressed firmly back into place, it can be stored for many months. The stirrers supplied in the kit can be re used once dry. The brushes can be cleaned using turpentine or white spirit but we have supplied 2 in the kit with the view that it may be better to discard the used brush once used and then use the other if necessary at a later date.

Paint contains Cobaltcarboxylat and Butanonoxim and can cause allergic reaction. Full specification upon request.

touch up kits available here

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4 Responses to Paint peeling off inside the microwave ?

  1. wes says:

    Some websites do not recommend repainting the microwave cavity (paint striping under the turntable), you seem to.
    1. Is there a danger in continuing to use such microwave (metal exposed to microwave radiation as result of stripped paint)? (or is it just the cosmetics and no problem to continue using as is)
    2. Conversely, is the newly applied paint (as in your kit) food-safe? Would appreciate your opinion on both questions.

    • There is no danger in using the oven with paint peeled off. It mainly reduces the chance of the metal beneath rusting.
      Our kit is food safe. We haven’t tested it scientifically but have found that as long as the paint is fully dry before using the microwave we have found no signs of either paint degradation or emissions from the new surface.

  2. Karen Bond says:

    Not sure if this is a healthy option?

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