Microwave Oven Power – Important Information for regular users

Following on from an earlier post, I wanted to let you know about the inherent problem with microwave power inconsistency.

Microwave ovens produce a set amount of power. This is normally indicated in the specifications such as ‘900 watts output’. However, as the components heat up through use the power level drops sometimes by only a small amount each time the oven is used.

The power drop off has always occurred but in earlier, older ovens the quality of the components used often made this drop off less noticeable. New ovens today tend to built of a lesser quality using more budget components so this effect is more noticeable and therefore more important. Independent tests carried out have found that in some instances microwaves may produce as much as 50% less power on just the second cook cycle.

Woman putting plate in microwave oven

It is extremely important if you use the microwave for regular repeated cook cycles ( such as heating more than 1 successive ready meal) that you check that the food is in fact piping hot not just that you have just done the same cook time as before and assuming that results will be the same. Because of this power drop off the cooking results are quite unlikely to be consistent.

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2 Responses to Microwave Oven Power – Important Information for regular users

  1. Carol Atkinson says:

    It’s a shame microwaves bought 30 years ago are better than the ones that are made and sold now. The microwave I bought more than 30 years ago never had condensation after I cooked in it, but the one I bought to replace it only because I remodeled my kitchen had condensation every time I cooked in it…..So sad money rules over quality.

    • Indeed. Although the design has changed slightly. In the ‘old’ days microwave oven doors were sealed items and un repairable generally. Nowadays the oven doors can be stripped down and individual parts replaced. They are not designed to be air tight but Panasonic for instance told us that as long as the condensation does clear eventually it wont pose a problem with rust .

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