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The Microwave Service Company is based in Sellindge, Kent and provides repairs to Domestic and Commercial Microwave Ovens including 24 volt Samsung Roadmate microwaves.

Should I be concerned about BPA ?

I follow a lot of conversations about all things microwave and a subject that has come to the fore again recently is the worry about the need for microwave cookware being BPA free. So what is BPA ? BPA stands … Continue reading

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Are your air vents blocked ?

Microwave ovens run quite hot anyway but they have a cooling fan which draws cool air usually at the back of the oven. However, if this air vent becomes blocked, which it does over a period of time. it draws … Continue reading

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Daewoo commercial microwave oven spare parts now available

We have for a long time purchased our Daewoo spare parts directly from Daewoo Electronics and they always seem to take ages to arrive. Apparently we weren’t the only ones struggling and I am now pleased to report that problems … Continue reading

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We have now started adding facets to our spare parts. When you navigate to a particular category within the catalogue a series of tick boxes will appear to help narrow down your search. Illustrated below is the Panasonic commercial microwave … Continue reading

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Our Online Shop –

We have now published quite a few posts here. I think its time just to remind everyone about the range of products available on our online shop. We created the shop in the first instance to make it easier for … Continue reading

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A built in microwave will almost definitely cheaper to repair than to replace

We repair a great number of built in microwave ovens. For many years now new kitchens have had the option to have a microwave or combi oven fitted within the wall units to keep the worktop clear. The microwave tends … Continue reading

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How to replace the waveguide cover in your microwave oven

If your microwave oven is sparking or ‘arcing’ during cooking it may be that the waveguide cover is damaged. Usually the cover is made of a material called mica. Although strong and tough when new, over a period of time … Continue reading

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Really low power microwaves

We have been asked occasionally to supply microwave ovens that output even less than the usual 500 watt microwaves that we already sell. Just to confirm, a microwave oven draws nearly twice the power in watts that it produces in … Continue reading

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Microwave Oven Power – Important Information for regular users

Following on from an earlier post, I wanted to let you know about the inherent problem with microwave power inconsistency. Microwave ovens produce a set amount of power. This is normally indicated in the specifications such as ‘900 watts output’. … Continue reading

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24 volt truck microwave oven repairs

Just a reminder that our repair service for the 24 volt Samsung Roadmate microwave ovens is still very popular. Although parts are no longer available for these ovens, we are able to repair the Inverter circuit board which seems to … Continue reading

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