Low Power Microwaves for Caravans

It may be possible in some cases to run a standard microwave oven in your caravan whilst hooked up to the electric hook up. However there are a couple of drawbacks. One is that a microwave oven generally draws a lot more power from the mains than it produces in the form of microwave energy. A 700 watt microwave will draw in the region of 1400 watts. If the output of the electric hookup is 6 amps, if any other appliance in the caravan is switched on at the same time the overload circuit breaker is likely to operate. The other drawback is that most appliances, in particular microwave ovens tend to surge as they start up. This surge in current can be very close to 13 amps but of course, will trip the electric hookup even if rated at 10 amps.

The solution is to use a low power microwave, one that draws less power and doesn’t surge at start up.

low power microwave

caravan microwave

These usually aren’t available off the shelf. The manufacturers have for years been increasing the available output so a 500 watt microwave is rarely available.

Here at Microwave Service Company we have found a solution which has been received well over the last couple of years. We have sourced a small, easy to use microwave model that has an anti surge circuit incorporated into the design and we then replace some components inside the oven to effectively reduce the power output which in turn reduces the power consumption.

These ovens are now in stock ready for dispatch.
To find out more about our low power microwave ovens go to our website www.microwave-repair.co.uk. 
To buy a low power microwave oven go to Kitchenwareonline.com

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The Microwave Service Company is based in Sellindge, Kent and provides repairs to Domestic and Commercial Microwave Ovens.
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