Microwave Oven Lamps

microwave lamps, microwave oven bulbs, oven bulbs 25wYou wouldn’t think it by considering how you handle this equipment, but your microwave is actually a number of separate pieces. We just mindlessly open it up, throw in whatever we want to heat up and wait for the ding.

If your microwave stops chugging you could need to replace your microwave lamps. Microwave lamps are the light and heat that cooks the food. There are three separate kinds of microwave lamps though depending on your microwave model; integral holder lamps, screw fit lamps, and halogen lamps.

Integral holder lamps: The integral holder lamps come either in a single larger lamp or two smaller lamps. The decision over which model to get depends on your model microwave, if it is compatible and what type of Wattage and Voltage is required. Many of the integral holder microwave lamps check in at 20-25W and 240V. You can find these on our website here.

Screw fit lamps: Like one would imagine if they thought about it, screw fit lamps actually look like regular light bulbs. Also checking in around 240V many of these type of lamps come in as low as 15W all the way up and to 40W. You can find these on our website here.

Halogen lamps: The halogen style lamps appear to be far less common likely because they are far more susceptible to touch from the oils of human hands. The style halogen bulbs has only 12V and 20W; coming in packs of two. You can also find Halogen lamps on our website here.

If you need to replace your microwave lamps you should be careful. Many microwave ovens make it so difficult to replace the bulbs that many of them want to convince you to bring it into a repair shop for costly repairs and inconvenience or (better for them) buy a brand new microwave altogether. With the internet though we all have so much information available to us and products literally at our fingertips so going to those ends won’t be necessary.

Of course whenever you are opening up a piece of equipment make sure to use all precautions; use screwdrivers for screws and replace them where they came from. And  of course don’t forget to unplug the microwave before you do anything related to taking the top off or replacing the microwave lamp.


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The Microwave Service Company is based in Sellindge, Kent and provides repairs to Domestic and Commercial Microwave Ovens including 24 volt Samsung Roadmate microwaves.
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